September Newsletter

September 2011’s newsletter is provided in pdf format at the bottom of this post. Past and present editions are archived on the Newsletters page of this blog.

Emerging Patterns

WITH THE new month come some new arrangements, as promised.  Confessions will be heard on Saturdays from 5pm, in the sacristy.  Any waiting for this sacrament should wait in the Lady Chapel.  When the door is open, the priest is available.  Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament is now from 5.30pm onwards, finishing at 5.55pm.  We are examining how best to reconcile the introduction of Evensong at 5pm and the needs of the schola rehearsing music for Mass at 6pm.  It will probably be in October that we make that adjustment.  Please keep telling us what you think. We want it to be exactly right for you.

Daily Bible Reading

The Pope has asked us all to take our Bible Reading more seriously.  The easiest way to do that is to keep abreast of the daily mass readings, using a copy of the Revised Standard Version (Catholic edition).  In church readings are sometimes interrupted  by proper readings for feast days.  The table in the pdf file accessible at the foot of the page fills in the gaps in continuous reading, lectio continua.

Gregorian Chant

By happy chance, Saturday 3rd September is the feast of St Gregory the Great and some singers from Oxford and Cambridge will be meeting that day at Holy Rood to sing plainsong.  The Mass at 6pm, though keeping the Sunday obligation, will be of St Gregory, Saturday’s feast, and the singers will be singing the Mass to plainchant.  It will be a rather Latin occasion – they are keen on exploring the original chants – but the Liturgy of the Word (and homily!) will be in English.

Holy Rood Congregation

Just as some of the Holy Rood 11.15am Sunday congregation come from time to time to our Ordinariate Vigil Mass on Saturdays at 6pm, so we are very welcome at the 11.15am Family Mass on Sundays.  Sometimes that opportunity may suit our particular needs.  There is to be a coming together for All Saints’, 1st November, when we plan to have a 6.30pm Mass with Food and Fireworks in the garden of Grandpont House afterwards.

Meatless Fridays

The Catholic Bishops of England and Wales are asking Catholics to resume the public witness of abstaining from meat on Fridays.  Many will eat fish, but vegetarian dishes are no less compliant.  Part of it all is the penance of reducing food intake – or the amount of money spent on food – on meatless Fridays and donate the money saved to helping those in need.  Perhaps we could have a ‘Friday Fast Fund’, to which we contribute an offering, and together give this money to a charity supporting those who have insufficient to eat.  In the first instance, at least, we could do that through CAFOD, the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, which raised over £2.5 million from Catholics recently for the famine in Somalia.  Anyone want to take on the role of facilitating this?

Town and Gown

The Holy Rood Ordinariate Group is neither ‘town’ nor ‘gown’ in that it includes people from both and neither. However, a new university term and year begins in October and there may be some students – both Brookes and OU – who will be interested in us.  We are being represented at one Freshers’ Fair at least and we shall print a term card.  The aim is that the Ordinariate Group retains its character in and out of term but with some differences.  One is that, during term, there are visiting preachers, whereas, in vacation, we prefer to keep preaching in-house.

Click here to access September 2011’s Newsletter in pdf format

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