Celebrating the Triduum

Mgr Andrew Burnham writes:

One of the challenges for the Ordinariate Groups and their members is the celebration of the Easter Triduum.  Clearly, all Catholics should try to take as full a part in the celebration of the Triduum as they are able but most Groups this year will not have the use of a church building which is not also in use by a Catholic parish.  There are obvious canonical and liturgical problems with repeating any of the liturgies of the Triduum in any one place and many Groups will simply and properly celebrate the Triduum with and alongside the host parish congregation.

In Oxford we shall draw the attention of our Ordinariate congregation to the Triduum celebrated at the Oxford Oratory: a new member of our Group will be received into the full communion of the Church at the Easter Vigil there.  It is at the Oratory that she got married.  We shall also publish the times of the services in Hinksey Parish.  North Hinksey parish celebrates the Triduum at Our Lady of the Rosary, Botley, on Maundy Thursday and on Easter Eve and has the Good Friday Liturgy at Holy Rood at 3pm.  We might well have had an Ordinariate celebration at Holy Rood on Maundy Thursday but the church also hosts a Brazilian congregation, who are there each evening in the Triduum.

How then do we mark our common life during this time?  We shall do that principally by celebrating Mass with the ceremonies of the day at 9am on Palm Sunday and  Easter Day at Holy Rood.  In preparation for that is the Vigil of Readings and Music for Passiontide at 6pm on 31st March.  Not having our own celebrations between Palm Sunday and Easter Day should serve as a reminder that the Catholic Church celebrates as one in this holy season and that, with less active priests than there are congregations, there are many places in the world where these celebrations have to be shared.

Meanwhile the clergy of the Oxford Ordinariate Group will be sustaining celebrations elsewhere in the Archdiocese of Birmingham and Diocese of Portsmouth, whose boundary we cross.

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