The Ordinariate in Oxford seen from Poland

Journalists from the Polish newspaper Gosc Niedzielny visited Oxford recently, and spoke with laity, seminarians and clergy from the Ordinariate Mission in Oxford. The article is available here with a provisional translation of the opening paragraph below. All photographs by Roman Koszowski.


Treasures of the Ordinariate

Stefan Sękowski

No money, not too many friends, but I say it’s great. What is life like for  former Anglicans now members of the Catholic Church?

Treasury Ordinariate
Roman Koszowski
For now, few Anglicans have decided to enter to the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate

I went to the UK to look for treasures. As Benedict XVI said, they were Anglicans, who joined the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, and should be there to enrich the universal Church. The problem is that the 3-year-old Ordinariate is not rich. There are no buildings, no accumulated years of funding. It counts about 1,500 souls, including more than 80 priests and a dozen nuns. People who have left their comfortable nest in the Church of England, took a step into the unknown and converted to Catholicism.

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